Paul Benson


Paul Benson


Paul passed away peacefully, surrounded by love at Freeport Health Centre on Thursday March 30, 2023 at the age of 71 years. 

Paul was employed part-time with Toronto Council on Aging, His kindness and optimism inspired us and helped make the Toronto Council on Aging the effective organization it is today.

Paul was a life-long learner, including degrees from Brock University and Athabasca University.  He earned two Master’s degrees from Athabasca in the last four years, with the latest one being conferred on March 15, 2023.  He was currently a student at Toronto Metropolitan University, and anticipated graduation at the end of 2024.  Helping him in his education was his immense memory and range of knowledge which he was eager to share with anyone.  Ask him a question and he would give a quick answer followed by an in-depth review of connections to relevant movies, music, books, and links to additional resources! 

He was also passionate about advocacy efforts in the field of disabilities, and he was a shining example of how much a person with disabilities can accomplish with the right supports including adaptive equipment.  He earned the two Master’s degrees and conducted all his current work while in full hospital care and on ventilator support, using adaptive equipment for his computer.  His “office” of computer equipment was installed on the over-the-bed table and was rolled in front of him each day so he could work.

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