For mobility impaired seniors, ElderDog Canada offers their furry companions a new leash on life


Three-year-old Juba spends his days up on Wanda Whitebird’s bed, luxuriating in pats while eagerly awaiting his daily walks with a local volunteer.

Around two years ago Whitebird sustained a spinal cord injury, and her beloved chihuahua-Pomeranian mix was sent to stay with a friend while she recovered from surgery. Whitebird, now back home, hasn’t regained her ability to walk, and can no longer take Juba out to the park. However, finding a new home for him was out of the question. “When you have a dog, you don’t feel alone,” she says. “I have someone, and I wasn’t prepared to lose him.” She was put in touch with ElderDog Canada, which stepped in to help.

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