51 Random Acts of Kindness Toward Seniors


Think about the last time you experienced random acts of kindness. It probably put a smile on your face. While we may be busy in our day, there’s a very deserving group who’d appreciate a kind gesture: seniors. Need some ideas? We have some—51, in fact. Remember, it isn’t about money or even planning. It’s about finding a moment to make a small difference in another person’s life. We invite you to brighten a senior’s day through a random act of kindness. You may find it will brighten yours too.

For those seniors you know:

  1. Send older relatives a card just to let them know you’re thinking about them.
  2. Consult with a senior loved one about a major life event in your life like changing careers, getting married or starting a family.
  3. Ask a senior friend or parishioner to lead you in prayer. The intimate bond may benefit you both.
  4. …….

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