Elder abuse prevention


What is Elder Abuse?

Elder abuse is not just physical abuse. Other forms of abuse include psychological, financial, sexual and neglect. Approximately 8% – 10% of seniors experience some form of elder abuse each year in Canada.

Annual Virtual Conference Series | 2023

Ethical and Legal Responsibilities: Reporting Elder Abuse

Tuesday, November 2nd 2023
10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

EAPO, leader in elder abuse prevention, hosts Provincial Conference to address reporting elder abuse in Ontario!

EAPO, leader in elder abuse prevention, hosts Provincial Conference to address reporting elder abuse in Ontario!

This virtual conference, the third in our conference series, will continue our conversation on ending the abuse of older persons by shining a light on reporting abuse!

Reporting suspected cases of elder abuse is essential for protecting our older persons in our community. However, many community members, families, seniors, and service providers are unaware of their obligations to report or what happens once a report is made to authorities.

EAPO brings together leading experts from Ontario, who will share knowledge and engage delegates in discussions through case studies and stories to learn how authorities/organizations respond to reports of elder abuse to ensure that proper measures are taken to keep older persons safe from harm.

Key highlights of conference program:

Reporting concerns to authorities… gain insights on professional and community members roles/responsibilities for reporting abuse and the roles and actions of investigators and inspectors.

Information and evidence to provide… learn the factual information to present to authorities when reporting abuse.

Safety of older persons/residents: understand the role of police and justice partners to assist in protecting older adults, if in immediate danger, and/or when there are concerns for their safety and well-being.

Service providers, family members and bystanders coming forward: acquire knowledge on the ethical challenges and issues arising in the reporting of elder abuse, and how an ethical framework tool can assist in making difficult decisions when a person may have information about abuse to come forward and report their observations or concerns.

By understanding the reporting obligations and appropriate actions, we can hold perpetrators accountable, ensure the safety and well-being of older persons and work towards creating a safer community that values and protects the dignity of for our older population.

Who should attend: Community and health care providers, justice services, Retirement Homes, Long-term Care homes, academics, older adults, families and caregivers.

The Conference will be provided with American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters.  

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Previous EAPO virtual conferences have attracted over 500 delegates.

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