Seven Aging Myths That Lead to Insults


Myths prevent us from understanding aging.
  • Many of our most sacred beliefs about aging are based on myths.
  • As long as we believe myths, the needs of seniors will be ignored.
  • Our treatment of an aging population should be based on research, not myths.

In a shopping mall, I watched a young couple forced to reduce their pace as they approached an elderly man using a cane, slowly walking in the same direction. Unable to pass him because foot traffic was heavy, they exchanged snarky expressions. Eventually, he entered a store, and the couple resumed their pace. The young man, imitating the elder, said to his girlfriend, “When I get that old, shoot me.” If he had asked for assistance, I would have been delighted to offer it—even early.

Aging is viewed by many young people with the same discomfort experienced when a strange relative comes uninvited to a family gathering. And just as most people at the event hope to avoid interacting with him, so do younger people with the vision of growing older.

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